To improve liveability in WA by valuing green spaces at its core

About the Alliance

Green Space Alliance WA - GSA (WA)

The WA alliance of organisations with voluntary representatives working to engage stakeholders, 

including government departments, local government, the community to influence creation of quality parks and gardens  for a livable state via innovative urban design, landscape architecture and outstanding landscaping projects. 

One voice of GSA is acknowledged by numerous state govt departments, as the point of reference for green infrastructure matters. 

Vision Statement

Created in February 2017, and these infographics plus Position Paper and Discussion Paper have been shared with Ministers of various State Govt dept, and acknowledged as important piece of document. This is important acknowledgement for the support given to GSA by state govt.  

Urban Forest & Health

Created in February 2017 as a summary of research studies around the world that shows the direct and indirect correlation to health benefits as a result of connection to green spaces and / or living within good proximity of good green spaces, parks or bush land. 


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